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GROW Partners

This is a list of organizations who partner with Rogers Park Business Alliance and help GROW happen. Without the support of these organizations, GROW would not be the program it is today. The logos below are merely what were on the original website when I began working on it. If more are needed, I can easily Google search their logos and insert them below, or add them directly from Wix if you would like to upload them to me. This text is subject to change and only a representation of what the final product can look like.

Accion logo.png
CCC logo.png
LSRCC logo.png
FarSouth logo.png

Small Business Center

The Small Business Center Solution Station is one of the many quality programs provided by the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP). BACP is committed to providing new and existing entrepreneurs an array of supportive services, such as free workshops, expos, seminars and opportunities for businesses to connect with other important business resources.

bacp logo.jpg

GROW Funders

This is a list of organizations who generously support the GROW program through monetary donations. Without the funding provided by these institutions, GROW would not be possible. Again, these logos were already on the website when I got started with it, and may either be removed or adjusted as necessary. The Coleman Foundation is an obvious absence from this list, and will certainly be added in the future. This text is of course subject to change and is merely representational of what this page could look like once completed.

coleman logo.png
Wintrust logo.png

GROW Guests

This is potentially an area where GROW guest speakers, lecturers, or whatever can be discussed and highlighted to the public. This list could contain a picture of the guest, a brief bio, and some accolades, just as a few suggestions. If something like this were to make it into the final draft of the site, it would be good to include some general information on the people listed here. However, it was suggested that this list could be too uncertain to include on the website full time, so all of this is tentative at best for the time being.

Young Consultant

Jane Smith - Business Consultant - Big Biz Inc

Miss Smith has been a trusted part of Big Biz Inc's business development division for seven years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in business, marketing, and finance. We are excited to have her be a part of GROW.

Miss Smith will speak to our GROW class on 7-15-2019

Professional Man Smiling

John Doe - Finance Manager - Money Corp

Mr. Doe has been a part of the finance team at Money Corp for nine years. He was recently promoted to the position of Project Manager due to high performance and accountability We are excited to have him be a part of GROW.

Mr. Doe will speak to our GROW class on 8-15-2019

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Keep checking back to see who else will  be a part of the GROW program

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